The Smart Lighting Revolution!

This highly innovative lamp will change the way you experience light! 

The first lamp with unique directional lighting technology that allows you to precisely move the light in different directions. Use the app, paint your light and illuminate any area in your room!

Create your ideal light mood and surround yourself in a stunning ambience. Thanks to warm- and cool white downlight and multicolored uplight the possibilities are endless. Whether watching a film, hosting a party or enjoying a romantic dinner, with the ‘Model F’ by Luke Roberts you will always have the ambience you want. 

The Model F takes smart lighting even further as it is the world’s first lamp with artificial intelligence designed to give you the perfect light whenever you turn it on. Based on your usage patterns, the ambient lighting, the time of the day, or the day of the week, the lamp knows whether you prefer bright light on the table or colored uplight while watching TV.  

 Experience the new way of smart lighting!